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Little Girl

Did you know that only 1 in 600 pit bull mixes will ever find a permanent home?

Did you also know that in 2009, 956,637 pit bull mixes were euthanized across the United States?

Did you know that a “pit bull” is not a breed but a hyped up catch all phrase that includes dozens of kinds of dogs—including bulldogs and terrier mixes?

Look at me and learn about who I am before you judge me. I was rescued in the City of Atlanta—starving to death and only weighing 17 pounds when I was 9 months old. I am one of the lucky ones. These pages will educate you about “bully breeds” and hopefully make you trust and love me.

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Atlanta ResponsiBully Coalition

Atlanta ResponsiBully Coalition was created to dispel the negative myths about bully breeds. We are a group of individuals who care deeply about this breed and their plight. No other dog is euthanized in shelters across Georgia more than the "pit bull" mix. Why? Simply put, they are overly bred by irresponsible owners.

Overbreeding is compounded by ignorance and fear of the dogs as well as restrictions on where they can live. These factors culminate into a tragedy of momentous proportions. The best way to begin fixing the problem is through education and aggressive spay/neuter initiatives that make the procedures free and easy for the dogs' owners.


We will work with local and state legislators to enrich our communities via responsible pet ownership.


We intend to inform the public to dispel current ideologies regarding these breeds as well as strongly encourage owners of bully breeds to spay and neuter their dogs.

Puppies abandoned at a vacant house.


We will collaborate with local bully breed rescue groups to increase the number of bully breed canines saved from euthanization at animal control facilities across the city and state.

Public Relations

We will work with local media outlets to spread the mission of Atlanta ResponsiBully Coalition